Black Man Strain feat. Ahmad Ikhlas

by Mohammed Yahya

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Black Man Strain is the 1st Single from Mohammed Yahya's upcoming album “Black Gold”.

Video Directed by Mohammed Yahya & Cambiowashere
Director of Photography by Cambiowashere & Chaveli Flores
Produced by Beat Thief
Mixed/ mastered: by Mauro @ HiStreetStudios

Twitter- @MohammedYahyaMC
Instagram- @MohammedYahya
Facebook- @MohammedYahya

A special thank you to the beautiful people Ndangane for all the support and helping us make this video possible. Shot in Ndangane, Kaolack, Senegal.


released August 17, 2016

Produced by Beat Thief

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mauro at Hi Street Studios



all rights reserved


Mohammed Yahya London

Mozambican born
London Based Bilingual Rapper/Spoken Word Artist

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Track Name: Mohammed Yahya & Beat Thief - Black Man Strain feat. Ahmad Ikhlas
From Kings to Slaves
We gradually strayed
My ppl inflicted
With torture & pain

Our history
Some try to disclaim,
keep us enslaved
In mental chains

Police abuse
everyday face

Natural resources
everyday rape.

Anger inside
Should I restrain
or Get up and march
Demanding a change!

Um povo nao unido
E' um povo emfraquecido

Roubarao o meu people
Mais sou eu que sou bandido?


I wanna b free
From Police brutality

The Fallacy
Still it remains
Cause clearly we know
We're not treated the same.


I know there r some
Who try to deny
things that I say
Call it a lie
Read the statistics
Give it a try
Open your mind &
You'll be surprised

Poor housing
No education of self
It's like
they want to fail

Giving us Hell
Beat us around
Locking us down
Inside of a cell

regardless of the strain
Yes My people will prevail
They may enslave our bodies
But our spirits will rebel.

We wanna b free
From Police brutality

The Fallacy
Still it remains
Cause clearly we know
We're not treated the same.


How many more
will steal from the poor
im seeing my brothers
get chocked on the floor
the innocent killed in the name of the law
Oh Lord i swear I'll never conform

raise up a storm
round up the goons and return in a swarm
demanding our rights to life
must value our sacrifice
but how can we strive if we never unite

we turn on each other and buss off the pipe
neglecting the fact we are beings of light
brother its time to shine your light
allowing our beauty to come alive

truthully we wanna be free from police brutality
the fallacy will always remain until the day we're treated the same